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    Default Spin-off from Ezra's thread about making love to fecal material...

    The cognitive processes test Splittet has posted in the thread "Fuck this shit" always tests me as having excellent development of both Ne and Ni, and good development of Ti, Te, and Si, but very underdeveloped Se, Fe, and Fi. So my possible types are ENTP or INTJ, but I don't know that I'm really an introvert or I just don't like people. Because when I'm around people I don't know, I tend to be more communicative with them more than the people I know, which is mostly restricted to family members.

    I don't know how I come across here in terms of my writing style, though. The way Jennifer has put it, ENTPs "often push a point of view just to get a reaction and spur conversation."

    I think it is clear that I'm an NT, but I'm unclear as to what kind of NT. Some say that my logic isn't very clear, so I imagine that would suggest a dominant irrational function. Whaddya think?

    (And I refuse to believe that neurotic people can't be typed.)

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    You're clearly not an SF then. You have good Ne, yes, but you seem a little too direct, pithy, and orderly in your presentation to be an ENTP... they meander and integrate more ideas/examples. You also have a very Ni imagination... Ne tends to see ideas around it, while you seem to pull them out of an inner abyss.

    I think you're probably an INTJ. The only thing that makes me doubt it is that you sometimes don't display enough Te... but you're probably so introverted that the tertiary Fi is coming out, and since it's manifestation is negative, that's probably clearer evidence that you're a T.

    The mystery is Si... it could just be the shadow of Ni, but I'm not sure. How easy is it for you to use Si?

    Also, I wouldn't call you neurotic as much as very cynical/critical about the world, and somewhat depressed and lonely so that you get more pleasure out of saying shocking things. You could become neurotic, but I wouldn't say you're there yet.

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