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    Question Can't figure out my type

    Help guys! I want to figure out my type, but I'm a little lost!

    I know I'm EXXX, and that's all.

    T vs. F
    I'm very logical (I can be very objective and play devil's advocate easily) and I am very emotionally expressive (I can come to tears easily with emotion). I love playing strategy games and debating theories just like an ENTP, but..... I am also soft. I love watching romantic comedies, I am very touchy-feely, I love romance in life, and I love to be cute (I'm a heterosexual guy, too, gosh this just sounds a little wrong :P).

    Maybe the T is who I am, maybe it's something I've learned, you be the judge, or give me some more questions that I can help decide, pleeeease.

    N vs. S
    I am not sure about intuitive vs. sensing, because I exhibit properties of both. I love imagining things, and I love examining the possibilities of life, conversations of such topics as "is life ____ or ____", "what if ___?" really energize me, but...... I don't like hidden meanings in books. I hate all the b.s. of reading poetry or books where authors just can't get to the point and say what they mean. I always skip over most of the text out of boredom; however, I can look at almost anything and figure out how it works.

    J vs. P
    The J/P is right on the dividing line. I love to be spontaneous, and my desk is very messy (I hate an empty desk); however....... I hate it when people are disorganized, and I love ideas to be nailed down. In a brainstorming session, I will always go over things to make sure they are 100% clear, I hate having to guess the answer without the facts. In fact, I hate that I don't know my type, but still.... it is fun to learn all of this information along the way, and it gives me a better understanding of other people which can allow me to relate better to them, yay!

    Why do I care?
    So why am I SOOOOOO interested in my MBTI? It's because I am thinking of doing a second university degree (I picked the wrong one for my first degree), so......... I want to choose something I will enjoy. I figure I can use the MBTI to get some more ideas, and to help with the process, especially since I'm good at almost everything I do if I put in the effort (except for language arts, I SUCK at reading literature). Personally I believe you can train anyone to do anything, though..... even a monkey could probably do my job (maybe I'll bring one in from the zoo one day - j/k :P)

    Back to reality..... I have a degree in computer science, and honestly, although I'm good at what I do (I'm a better programmer than everyone I've met sooooo far), I really hate programming, because it's not social enough for me. Don't get me wrong if there are other programmers, respect for sure to all, but.... it's not the right job for me, I need my people time.

    Right now I am thinking I want to become a manager, a teacher or doctor, but...... I am open to other possibilities, and I definitely want to make sure I pick the right choice, because it's another 2-4 years commitment. I picked computer science because it was easy (I had a lot of experience doing things on and off for fun as a kid, because my uncle taught me a little).

    So.......... what are my letters? Do I need to eat some Alphabits? :P

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    You seem like an ENFP.

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    Hallelujah, thanks!

    Believe it or not, last time I took the test, I got ESFJ, I thought something was wrond, hehehe. I think ESFJ's are cool, but I don't think it's me (although probably the hardest part for me in finding my type has been that I am heavily influenced by a highly intuitive family that values logic more than Spock on Star Trek, plus I LOOOOVE science more than literature, so I've got a lot of experience making logical judgments even though deep down I'm an F - or at least it seems).

    Although, I do dress and seem very normal in real life (I hate formal attire and I don't dress like a rapper, but I am no punk - jeans & t-shirt are my favs), it's very true that I do have an unusually extreme amount of energy and enthusiasm for life. I am able to juggle too many things at the same time (sometimes I don't even understand how I can do this - but, I still do).

    I am very good at sticking to rules and guidelines for the most part, in fact when I was a kid, my friend's parents would always trust me, because I was the most honest person they knew..... although I'm very honest and kind and I'm always aware and weighing consequences of actions, still I am fun loving. I love both sensual and creative things. I love doing physical activities, and often I try to get my friends to come out and do something like walk and talk, throw Frisbee, etc. In fact, I think better generally while in motion (I use my imagination best while running). I also love just going out and doing something unconventional like playing the odd practical joke (I judge the limits depending on my victim... I mean friend :P).

    Still, I guess it's all a mix, I guess I have some S, some N, some F, and some T, no matter what my preference is. For me I wonder if I've switched between personalities (is this possible?). I never liked soccer as a kid (I'd be sitting picking the dandy lions talking with friends or imagining things), now I love soccer (not organized though, just randomly playing with friends).

    Well..... I guess I just can't keep brief, because I'm a person full of tooooooooo many experiences. I'll stick with ENFP for now unless anyone has any further insight.

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    I'm gonna go ahead and say you're a balanced ENFP. Certainly ENxP in any case.

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