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    for me, this website has always worked out the best: Myers Briggs Personality Test MBTI Personality Types

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    Quote Originally Posted by IndyAnnaJoan View Post
    wait... male or female? sorry i just sort of assumed. esfj's easily and love assuming the traditional male/female roles.

    Hang on here .. Someone comes for advice and not being the accredited professional you are ..<Deleted rant> You may know one ESFJ who assumes the traditional role but that doesn't mean every ESFJ does or did you read a book stating this? .. If only life was that simple.

    I would consider rewording that .. Some ESFJ's love assuming the traditional male/female role.
    “I made you take time to look at what I saw and when you took time to really notice my flower, you hung all your associations with flowers on my flower and you write about my flower as if I think and see what you think and see—and I don't.”
    ― Georgia O'Keeffe

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