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Thread: What's my type?

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    Lightbulb What's my type?

    I love to analyze. I can read people and situations easily. I am very attuned to power-dynamics. I can read motives. I can structure and organize fairly well and enjoy organizing and reorganizing, putting things into order.

    For instance, I have been known to put my cd's in various orders through out the years, from first name to genre, to favorite music, to color of the cd! I am more alphabetical now and definitely my favorites in the front.

    When I was younger I used to be really good in math and science. I now enjoy everything, although history is difficult because I am awful with details... I used to be really good at them; I used to be able to memorize license plate #'s!

    I am sensitive and artsy. I can also be very analytical though and drive people nuts with insights! Haha...

    I am extremely picky about my living environment... it must be clean and organized and efficient. Because of my pickiness, I have a difficult time living with others. I hate clutter, and I HATE inefficiency.

    My hobbies are: Reading, Writing, Musical concerts, Listening to music, Spending time on my computer, Flea markets, Collage making, Nature Hikes, Photography, Kayaking, Camping, Canoeing, Movies and drive-ins, Psychology and personal growth workshops, Rollerblading, Fitness, Museums, Bookstores, and Poetry Shares.

    What I look for in a mate:

    Romantic Partner. Profile:

    -A desire to live & maintain a healthy lifestyle (Healthy food, exercise, yoga/meditation, etc).
    -Respectful for self (No drugs, smoking, cutting, sex addiction; little to NO alcohol consumption) and others.
    -Honest (direct, open) Accountable (Direct & open, and willing to admit wrongs/mistakes made and make an honest, active effort at rectifying the misdeed)
    -Loyal. 100% commitment to monogamy --NO promiscuity.
    -Attentive. Willing to listen when others share, not distract themselves.
    -Reliable/Dependable (Follows-through on agreements).
    -Emotionally expressive *Eloquent is a bonus
    -Romantic (Expresses & demonstrates feelings & affection)
    -Supportive emotionally
    -Communication skills
    -Great hygiene
    -Commitment to personal development

    Partner Preferences

    -A passion for music
    -Shared hobbies & interests (Kayaking, Camping, Concerts, Seminars, Psychology) *Willing to participate in at least 40% of personal hobbies and activities

    Relationship Standards

    1. Honesty
    2. Self Respect
    3. Dependability
    4. Communication
    5. Commitment

    My life vision can be broken down into 5 objectives:

    Summary… What’s important to me:|
    1. To be able to address all of my emotional issues (grief/baggage) and achieve wholeness.
    2. To be able to provide for myself and future family
    3. To have the flexibility to pursue personal hobbies and interests
    4. To be involved in a community that’s progressive— spiritual, environmental-friendly, political/activism, artsy, socially conscious
    5. To help create resources for the community and to be able to give back to the community.

    And personal values are pretty important to me because I want to be happy and fulfilled in life and be able to accomplish my life "vision" above.


    My ideal work environment would have clear guidelines and organization. The environment would allow for improvement. *It is crucial that within this structured environment, there are ample opportunities for creativity in the form of creative problem solving and innovation.

    The organization would offer a competitive salary with excellent benefits. The environment would consist of value-minded colleagues who are mission-driven and committed to maintaining high levels of professional integrity.

    There would be minimal supervision (autonomy/freedom would be valued) and ample opportunities for growth and development. Staff development/leadership training would be encouraged.

    The position would allow for opportunities to provide structure, teach and model life skills using writing as a facilitation tool. Exercise and tips for living healthy would be encouraged.

    Self-expression will be encouraged and skill building aimed at increasing self-esteem and raising self-awareness will be a large part of the work.

    Board and council meetings will be conducted several times a month and valued/cherished. Communication will be paramount. Staff development/leadership opportunities will be valued, and opportunities for growth and advancement feasible.

    My weaknesses are impatience and demanding/bossiness

    Give it your best shot

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    You sound very much like an INFJ.

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    I'm thinking ISTJ.

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    INFJ, or possibly INTJ. JTG is probably high or something.

    Teacher (Idyllic), ESE-IEI (Si-ESFj), SLue|I|, Sanguine-Melancholy
    Sage, True Neutral (Chaotic Good), Type III Anti-Hero
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