Thanks for all your posts, but still I can't decide right now on what my type is.

Here are more information about me: (I don't usually talk about myself, this is hard, but please bear with me )

For as long as I can remember, I'm always bothered by the riddles of the universe. "Why are we here?" "What am I, really?" "What is consciousness?" I felt that we are like survivors in a plane crash in a remote island who have forgotten what they are in their everyday lives before the crash. We know things about our life in the island (the universe). But we don't know why are we in the island, and "what is this huge piece of metal?", "what is this island, really?" "What are we before we're here, well, if there is a before, that is"

I usually look cold and distant when you haven't talked to me yet, but people I've met remark that they are surprised that I am actually very friendly and warm in person. And also, I can tell mean jokes, usually by taking things out of context and observing proper timing.

I really love animals, small things, broken things, sad things. I like the rain. It's weird, I know. Our school in elementary was once used as a fort during WWII by the Japanese occupants, and sometimes, I remember myself as a child trying to "feel" the place. It's as if I can feel the loneliness of the place. I habitually imagine myself living there during the wartime and I can daydream about it all day long, and it still haunts me up to now.

I concoct random stories in my head, and I add new pieces as I go on through my everyday life when something inspires me. Usually the story becomes really convoluted, that I myself gets confused with the details. The earlier parts of the plot are usually not remembered well, and a major modification of the whole storyline then has to be made, making the original story almost entirely edited out that I effectively end up making another one.

My memory's generally not good. I tend to forget names and phone numbers, and I usually get lost on a place where I had already been a lot of times before. Pero , I have memories as far back as when I was 1 year old (1st birthday!--was it really a recollection, or is it something I imagined? I dunno). For some reason, these memories are selectively and vividly remembered. My next earliest memory was when I was 2-3 years old, when my grandma joyously quipped, "Ire! [Push out!]", when I was squirming in my toilet trainer to poop.

I'm currently interested in Men's Health magazines. I'm not sporty, well veeery far from being one actually. I can't seem to coordinate my body properly when playing any sport, or dancing. I'm actually interested in training myself toward those pursuits, but I have never succeeded. Well, the main reason for buying Men's Health mags is for self-preservation . I want to live long and see the world for a longer time. I also love to try the healthy recipes in these mags.

Ciao! I hope this helps