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I landed this:

extraverted Sensing (Se)********************** (22.4) limited use

introverted Sensing (Si) ********** (10.1) unused

extraverted Intuiting (Ne) ************************************** (38) excellent use

introverted Intuiting (Ni) ********************************************** (46.1) excellent use

extraverted Thinking (Te) ******************************* (31.6) good use

introverted Thinking (Ti) ************************* (25.5)
average use

extraverted Feeling (Fe) ************************ (24.6)
average use

introverted Feeling (Fi) ***************************************** (41.9)
excellent use

I pretty much would have expected this--heavy Fi, Ni, Ne, and some amount of Te/Ti. Okay, so I feel like I've made some progress. On the bottom of the test, it suggested INFP, with INTJ as potential second. I could see that.