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Thread: INTP? Or INTJ?

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    Default INTP? Or INTJ?

    There is this person I know for more than a year, and I just can't seem to type him. At first I thought he was INTP, but he could easily be INTJ as well. So could you help me?

    - Got expelled after he found a leak in his school's system, which could make people skip classes without being punished for it. With this information he discovered, he helped other people get away with theeir skipped hours.
    - Loved by Ns, hated by SJs.
    - Always tells a lot of stories about what happened when he (or friends of his) used drugs. Lots of people doubt whether he's telling the truth or not.
    - A genious, good at maths (not so good at learning languages, but nevermind).
    - Has extreme political ideas.
    - Wants to become an accountant.
    - Hates doing presentations.
    - "Rules aren't made to follow, they're made to be bent".
    - Doesn't make eye contact when he's speeking to you.
    - No facial expressions.
    - Tells people openly about how he and his girlfriend are looking for another girl to have a threesome with.
    - Interested in philosophy.
    - Doesn't talk a lot, prefers listening to his iPod (he usually listens to hardcore, I believe) while playing sudoku.
    - Doesn't want to blend in.
    - Doesn't think Miffy is cool.
    - Drinks Red Bull all the time.
    - Smokes, even though he always started yelling at his father whenever he wanted to light up a cigaret just a year ago.
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    Except for wanting to be an accountant sounds much closer to INTP than INTJ.
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    Ps make more natural accountants than Js, as accountants require a strong attention to detail.

    Js make better financial analysts, though.

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