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    Based on the answers given I think you are all again saying Fe generates the degree of politeness. I think that Splittet makes an interesting point that social politeness can be instilled from an environment, however one's degree of Fe or Ne usage still controls how much. I refer to Linda V. Berens booklet where she compares cognitive functions. I don't have the booklet in front of me, however she says that Fe and Ne can be look-a-likes.

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    I'm a bit confused, too. I see what you're saying about Si preserving tradition, but I don't see how that would lead to politeness, unless you mean things like "thank you, you're welcome, excuse me, hello, and goodbye." Those might be Si, but I wouldn't think compulsive politeness as a whole would be ingrained enough to be something an Si would absorb without fairly strong F, and even less likely if the Si is only tertiary.

    I guess ultimately, they personally can decide what fits. And if the test said INTP, I don't think we have much choice but to go with that, even if it doesn't quite add up.

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