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    Default what type is she?

    is she an ENFJ?

    when she was about 21 she told her friends that all she ever wanted out of life was a family of her own (her own children & husband)

    she is 27 years old now & she has 2 children of her own from 2 different men. it is believed that she lied about taking birth control to baby daddy #1 in order to get pregnant & get him to marry her but then was pissed when he didn't agree to marry her.

    she is rather hippie-ish in her "look" - she can often be found in large wooly hippy sweaters but wears skull & crossbone plaid converse type sneakers with the large wooly sweater. she also has a nose ring. until recently her hair was extremly long - down to her waist.

    she went to nursing school for a brief time but dropped out in order to raise her children & be a full time mom.

    when you meet her she has a ton of energy, excellent eye contact, warm, loud talker, fast talker, seems like extraverted feeling may be her dominant function. she is a smoker & is quite thin. her husband is some type of construction worker type dude & they live in the same town she grew up in.

    alright fine . . . i don't know much about her but she is my significant others ex . . . so i'm just piecing what i know together . .. . sorry guys

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    ESFJ maybe. Not much to go on.

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    lied to get pregnant? :/

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