Clear ESTJ. Why people are saying ISTJ is absolutely beyond me, given this:

*I enjoy being around people....but Im not very good at it. I'm horribly intolerant of slowness and incompetance, to my detriment, which can make people dislike me. When you get to know me though, my close friends find it more endearing than mean, along with my other quirks. I can be funny but have trouble sometimes in joking public as Im afraid people won't get it etc. I also am not good at speaking to random strangers or relations I don't know well....I feel awkward. That said, I do need and enjoy interaction. I could not go a day without talking to someone through MSN, facebook or in real life without getting bored/depressed. I do not find it easy to open up, even to close friends. I dislike being touched very much, I dont like speaking intimately and I think this may relate to self confidence/image problems I have.