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    It does, since you would first have to distinguish between traits that are a part of your personality and traits that are just symptoms of schizophrenia.

    And this is why:
    Quote Originally Posted by WarlockSprig View Post
    7 years ago there were a couple guys that wandered into our house while everyone else was sleeping and made their way to my room. At first I thought they might have been friends of one of my brothers, but the way they were reacting and their apparent age said otherwise. I used part of their conversation as an excuse to move myself and them towards the living room and thus closer to the door. They were occasionally asking if we had any drugs or alcohol. I held my hands behind me as I watched over them. They cowered saying not to shoot them, however, I wasn't going to correct them stating that not only did i not have a gun but was also unarmed. Doing so would likely have only presented an opportunity for them to become more hostile. One of them had been using cards as a trick to somehow prove he was 'psychic', which i looked on with a great deal of skepticism yet pretending to believe it to some degree. I tried to keep the noise level in the house down so as not to wake anyone. It would have been much more difficult to coordinate a charade with more people involved and not being able to tell them what was going on. Eventually they left. Upon telling my friend what happened he said I was in real danger and could very well have been murdered. I didn't really think much of it at the time.

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    I'm not offering to answer the question in your thread title, no good at that.


    I have a friend who's a whole lot like you. Once packed up and moved to another part of the country without having a job, just knowing they'd get one, not only get one, but get a particular one. They did. Never even considered that it wouldn't happen.

    Probably 90 percent of the rest of what you wrote describes my friend, so I'm interested in how others type you.

    Regarding the incident where you 'should' have been frightened but weren't . . . Fear reactions (or lack of) occur on a scale, affected by all sorts of things, genetics, upbringing, experiences, spirituality or worldview. A reaction that makes one person think of schizophrenia might make another think of a Taoist master.

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    Of things possibly related to Schizophrenia.. i can be extremely moody at times, my thinking is very disorganized and on very rare occasions ever since i was 13 i've had what I assume are auditory hallucinations. I had no control over what I was hearing in my head and it would constantly repeat itself. I ended up listening to music in an almost ritualistic manner to distract myself just so i could sleep. Oddly they only surfaced when I was alone. The context of the voices lead me to believe they're based on content from religion. As a child I would constantly get in trouble for sleeping in church. I hated feeling like people were forcing their beliefs on me.

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