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    Default What type is she from given answers?

    • "Secondly, you simply cannot rely on your intuition but also present facts. Intuition isn’t accurate and can’t be taken for granted while facts are most likely to provide concrete answers which results in a theory in helping to understand how humans interact and how the society works."

    • "For an example, if you were to feel a certain way by directly trusting your instincts, this doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s accurate. There should be an evidence or some sort to back up or support your instinct."

    • "Fact and opinion are very complex and diverse. Facts are not necessarily true or right. Opinions on the other hand fluctuate from another individual to the next. A perfect example to this are the systematic people. The system’s flawed and how they are overall by following the system and becoming systematic, they become flawed themselves. Another great example would be speaking from my own experience and how I was also systematic. I would argue with a person who defines a word differently and takes it to his own hands by redefining life or how to live life. I define life as how it is and how it’s defined according to a concrete given definition of “what is life”. I realized and stopped being systematic because of how flawed it is and how I was proven wrong that it doesn’t necessarily have to be of a certain way and how its defined according to who, it could be defined in various ways and you can step outside the box other than sticking inside the box and go by a man made definition or system, which defines what systematic is. I also saw a movie which also made it clear to me that the system is flawed. Opinion also sways, and it can’t be taken for granted. Both examples support that there is indeed a huge variety between fact and opinion. I bet my elbows for this."

    • "I could use my experience as a great example based on how I treat other people equally because it is considered “fair”. I question it over and over again, is it fair? I place an importance in justice. A great example that would make me think am I being fair is how I treat other people fairly based on what defines it to be fair. If a person asked for my opinion if they’re good looking or not, I would answer honestly. In my opinion, lying out of kindness or to encourage you or to make you feel better isn’t gong to encourage anyone to make anyone feel better but put them in a false image under a lie, which isn’t acceptable to me. I wouldn’t want the same to happen to me so I treat others how I want to be treated and treat other people fairly. What contradicts this is, if I had a young child or if I loved someone and if they asked my opinion if they‘re pretty or not, would I lie because I wouldn’t want them hurt? Especially a young child? Or is this an excuse? In my head I would think, tell the truth because you wouldn’t want them to dwell in a lie and grow up seeing a false image of themselves. Even though they’re my loved ones, they’re asking for my opinion because they obviously want an honest answer."

    Can you figure it out? I need a second opinion.

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    I second that. She SCREEEAAAAAMMMS SJ so much, it's not even funny. ESTJ sounds good. The way she keeps emphasizing concreteness, facts, learning from past experience, and the skepticism w/ following your gut. Also, she defines life as "how it is".

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