I've just arrived properly at Typology Central, and even though I have an idea of the types I might be, I haven't yet settled on one. Of course, this isn't really a pressing issue and I'm prepared to research it properly, but since I've joined here I figured I should . I'd prefer to delve deep, and find out more about my own type, and the types of others without the 'quick and easy' tests online which might not be accurate, and aren't really that flexible in the multiple choice answers that they offer. I'm not averse to these tests, however a lot of them are easy to figure out, and I imagine that it's difficult for a short quiz to figure out what goes on inside a person's head, and how they actually behave.

So anyway, what would you guys suggest is an effective way to do this please? I wondered whether anyone had any experience with the MBTI Step II, and if so, was it fulfilling or did it leave you feeling pretty empty and disgruntled?

Kind Regards