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    Default Type two of my closest friends

    Friend 1 :
    27 years old, Male, Australian.
    -Comes from a lower class background (grew up partly in a trailer park in WA).
    -Learned to read early on.
    -Got hit by teachers quite often at school (much more than anyone else I know).
    -Strongly atheistic.
    -Questioning of all authority.
    -Has a Bachelor of Fine Art, specialised in drawing.
    -Got into quite a lot of fight, but is very gentle normally.
    -Popular around everyone, has lots of female friends and complex stories with ex-girlfriends. Although he doesn't act like an extravert in social situations, he is never the center of attention or talking to many people he doesn't know.
    -Incredibly well-read, also has an immense cinema culture.
    -Very intelligent, he seems to have already reflected on pretty much every topic and always has very thought out opinions, to the point he gets quite intimidating, although he is more open about other people's ideas than he appears (apparantly).
    -Understands abstracts concepts very well.
    -Hates tests, and doesn't want to take them. He also prefers understanding people how they are in the now.
    -Lives in near poverty, currently unemployed.
    -Doesn't want to marry or have children.
    -His last work was a telemarketer, he tried to team the other employees up (most of them recent immigrant workers) to unionise because they were treated like crap. Got fired for it.
    -Chain smoker, has a poor health.

    I see him as a kind of older brother/mentor. His quick intelligence and knowledge always impresses me, he is great to talk to about anything for hours. Probably the most intelligent person I know, actually.
    He doesn't seem interested in living a better life and seems quite fatalistic about it.

    Friend 2 :
    20 years old, Male, French
    -Graduated from what is arguably the best public high school in France with a good mention on his diploma (he studied in the litterature/philosophy cursus)
    -Got into preparatory school for political studies but stopped after a few weeks.
    -Went onto study history at uni for a month or two after, but stopped again.
    -Smokes a LOT of weed, especially since he graduated high school.
    -He went onto studying jazz guitar for a year, but stopped again.
    -Now mainly plays video games and try to get back to drawing.
    -Doesn't like physical activities at all and is reallly scrawny.
    -Very pessimistic, always sees everything going wrong.
    -Gets angry quite easily (less nowadays).
    -Has extremely picky tastes about things.
    -Had one girlfriend for about a year and half in high school, since then nothing, he often has views on girls but never gets them.

    We became friends because we were both really into metal music. He composed music (incredibly talented at it) and played the guitar, he was especially interested in the more technically demanding types of metal and composition. With time he became more and more intolerant musically. He then got into jazz and since then nearly only listens to jazz (although I am working on getting him into classical), he became very good at jazz guitar (although he would never recognise it, often complaining that his playing was too cold and technical and that he could never get that feeling).
    I am a bit despaired about his situation, because he seems to have given up a bit on life. When he had the capabilities to get quite a lot of achievments, smoking weed, his pessimism and pickyness destroyed it.

    What types would you think they are?
    What do you think I should encourage them to (especially friend 2) to better their situation?
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    1. strikes me as a general ENFJ, from the details you summed up there are some definite drive for abstract idealistic goal's. Although i am not sure wether to call him an ENFP or an ENFJ. While one would expect them to be normally planned and goal-oriented, they don't neccesarily engage in this mode. You need to flesh out his thinking more though for us typers to be able to make a clearer judgement. Give examples of his thinking.

    1. The other one is hard to say really, some of those are pretty generic information that could be applied to anyone.
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