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    Default Quite curious about type!

    Here goes..I was wondering if my boyfriend can be typed? He is quite complex!
    I can give a few pointers..
    He loves technical fields and loves giving advice to help people see different sides of things. He is practical, objective, plays devils advocate and likes to see all sides of the picture. He is opinionated and could have a raging arguement if his beliefs are being forced to change. At times he wont even bother to see the other persons perspective, since he wants them to see his. It takes time to notice when the other person feels angry or slighted but when he does, he is quick to apologize, ask if they are OK and change his tactic. However, he is forceful in his opinions and doesnt like to "agree to disagree".
    He comes across as warm and heart centered and is actually a caring person. When he found out I like romantic people, he started sending very romantic txts ("my day is better now that I heard from you, i miss you!") to the point it started making me feel a little awkward. Thats his only way of expressing feeling for me though, besides for being helpful and doing things because (I know-he usually wont say) he cares about me. He loves to help people so they can support eachother and loves being helpful but doesnt need to be appreciated or get anything back. and is very tactful-careful not to hurt others feelings, since "people can be sensitive", yet he also can be very direct and straighfoward, but never hurts feelings intentionally. In our relationship, when i feel shaky, he picks up on it and always asks if he can help in any way with advice. In the meyers briggs career book, he chose answers that were mostly F over T. Then again, he knows I liked those answers.
    He has a side that is defensive, argumentative and judgemental and considers himself a "technical guy"-interested in detail, so he can understand better. He likes accuracy. He also likes to get work done ASAP.
    He does use logic a lot, and while he claims he has strong emotions, he can have a hard time expressing them and describing them. He doesnt identify with negative emotions as much though(sad, angry afraid) and they are more passing. He is thick skinned and doesnt let things bother him if hes insulted, and he sees the best in people. He doesnt come across as cold though. He likes to make others comfortable and considers himself very outgoing and friendly. He is not an open book. He loves being around people and likes being the center of attention, but he can spend a whole weekend alone as well to recharge from a hard workweek. He tries to be easygoing when it comes to other people, (sometimes isnt!) and has an easy time with decisions, after he gets all the information he can to make one. He is very detail oriented in logic, but in general he is more disorganized. He is very loyal and commited. He likes to mirror people and he understands others intuitively right away and wants to understand the world around him. He is creative. He has a hard time getting too personal about himself and his feelings and would change the topic to something more "light."-he is afraid of getting too intimate. He has a hard time answering personal questions about himself, and will say-what do you mean, it depends, and will give a theoretical example. He says that his heart goes out to those who are not as fortunate. He likes to do is work first, but it relaxed when it comes to having different options open. He hates classifying people. He has a serious, critical side but is very spontaneous and likes doing crazy things at times. He is very good socially, but not super smooth. He has 2 sides to him-very sweet, good listener, and sincere, but also, forceful and opinionated and "macho". He doesnt come across as genuine or authentic in an emotional standpoint. He likes to have knowledge to be prepared, and makes decisions both in a T-whatever makes the most sense, and F-whatever is good for other people mode. He couldnt distinguish between the 2, to what his default is.
    Any ideas?

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    Sounds extremely, extremely like the intj I knew. Like a teddy bear dressed up in a robot armor.

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