Moved from NF Idyllic.

Socionics helped me determine my extroversion, like Disregard has said there are too many behavioural things that can make this point confusing, and after looking into it for too long your bias as to what E v I means can make it near impossible to find clarification.

Also, anyone who says dichotomy X is easy to determine from dichotomy Y is simply saying they don't have trouble with that one as any can be confusing for an individual. I/E it isn't as simple as determining what energises you as some people are comfortable both alone and with others and haven't taken the time or can't determine what energises them more. Plus of course you do get extroverts who prefer to keep to themselves for whatever reason, behavioural things shouldn't be relied on if there is confusion.

And check out the type descriptions on Best-Fit Type sonickel77, they're based on first person perspective, not behaviour, they may help.