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    Default HAY I need some help here. ENTJ or ENTP?

    Help me type my ex boyfriend.

    ENTP or ENTJ?

    He's very friendly, has lots and lots of close friends that he talks to on a regular basis. Very smart, learned calculus at like 16 now he's a computer programmer. Understands super complex mathematical theoretical type stuff. Enjoys watching movies more than anyone I've ever met. He's seen like every strange movie you can possibly think of. He could watch 6 movies in a row and not get bored. And he rates them all while watching them.. like a movie critic kind of. Then he's like "all right seen that one, gave it this rating, onto the next one." That's what he does in his spare time. Has a super good memory. So he could probably quote you half of every movie he's seen.

    What else.. he gets upset if everything isn't a certain way. He always wants to buy the newest and best version of everything. He got a 50 something inch tv, but he didn't care about it until he got the best surround sound there is with the best speaker possible and set up his room to get the best sound. He freaked out and sent the TV back because there was a dead pixel on the screen. He keeps all his things really really nice, while maybe not organized, it's all organized in his head and if you scratch a dvd of his he will flip. He always wants to be the best at everything. And if he's not the BEST at something he hates himself. He's said before, it's not even worth it if I'm not the best. I don't deserve to live if I'm not the best. But the thing is, nobody is ever THE BEST at anything, so he'll never really be happy.

    He's really loud and funny, always the loudest voice in the room with a huge loud laugh. Has a funny sense of humor, really loud and in your face type. To everyone else he's always happy and having fun, but in his head he's not just going along with everything, la la la, he's analyzing everyone and everything and trying to be the best in whatever situation it is.

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    ENTJ of course.

    Between those two options that is.

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    uhhhhhmmm could be either of the two =/

    Sounds like an enneagram 3 though.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JustHer View Post
    uhhhhhmmm could be either of the two =/
    Whenever you find yourself on the side of the majority, it is time to pause and reflect.
    — Mark Twain

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