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    Quote Originally Posted by No Exit View Post
    The profile description mostly.. But also I see a lack of accountability in a lot of INFJs and self obsession that isn't like me at all.. don't get me wrong.. I am into myself .. but I don't think I am "special" and I loathe being misunderstood as opposed to being proud of it. of course that is maybe just INFJs being defensive and pretending it doesn't bother them and they like it..
    I also never close doors on anything especially people even when they deserve it..I have a hope about things that seems absent in many INFJs.
    I think people have more in common than they don't and that Includes INFJs who almost fear being told they are common more than death.
    We are also ALL unique and INFJs seem to want to reserve that for themselves quite often.
    In short I embrace my humanity and humanity.
    I'd guess NFP from that. But there is also the possibility that you are an INFJ with a different enneagram to the other INFJs you know. Not all INFJs are type 4. You might even be the same enneagram, but just see the world differently. There is a lot of variation within types. Type just means you use a similar thinking system to process stuff.
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    Quote Originally Posted by phthalocyanine View Post
    i don't think it's just you. i get the same thing. i'm an infp, but have been told i am definitely infj and definitely isfp before. in the video thread i got some varied responses as well. so even mannerisms arent always the thing that clue people in on another's type.

    i think the confusion with these introverted feeling types lies in part in their (er, our) tendency to really try to relate to the people we are speaking to (to draw that which is similar to the other out of ourselves for the sake of some shared understanding) and thus exhibit varied personas, depending on company and circumstance. the only observable constant really is the I and/or the F being expressed much or the time.

    i tend to look at the kinds of values or ideologies attract a person in question, and see if that doesn't reveal something new about their typological orientation. but that's a very Fi driven focus, i guess my brother in laws case...i have observed him with my isfj sister...maybe he tries to relate in an s way...i've seen him with my infj mom...and then how he relates to me as an's confusing.
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