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I've just begun to explore the idea of typing (I'm a Neuroscience major but I've started to become interested in Psychology as well), and I'm trying to decide how to type myself.

I've never been officially tested, but I've mostly scored as ENTP in the basic online tests. However, they score me right on the edge (45/55% or closer), and I notice I have some traits of both personalities:

-I Love to argue, and I play devils advocate constantly. I always argue logically, even in the context of relationships, and I pride myself on never raising my voice.
-I'm not sure if this is ENTP, but someone in another thread described this - I'm not confrontational in an uncomfortable situation - I'd rather brush it off, leave and not say anything if I'm offended
-I'm always trying to fix people's problems. When someone cries I'm not always good at comforting them - my first instinct is, what's wrong and how can we fix it, and I'm not so good at the "everything's ok"
-I value competence/skill above all else. I always try to make friends with people who are passionate about something (even if its something weird), and I'm attracted most strongly to people who dedicate themselves to becoming skillful at something, be it sports, arts, etc.
-I'm hypercompetitive. I don't have to win to be happy, but I have to be at my best. I get far more satisfaction out of narrowly losing to someone thats better than me at a sport than I do at beating someone who's worse. I can't stand when people play around and don't take something seriously.

-I have a hard time letting go in relationships. This is the one that made me wonder about my type, because supposedly ENTPs are supposed to be good at this? And I'm reaaaally not. I always think everything's my fault, and am always trying to fix a relationship when it's way past fixing.
-I care a lot about the way other people think of me. In every social situation I'm constantly thinking about the way I want to present myself and trying to adapt to that ideal image, and I'm usually very good at it.
-I'm always my happiest when I make other people happy. I love playing host at a party. At my most introverted, I love watching my friends enjoy themselves even if I'm not having a good time.
-I need validation from other people about my talent/charity/etc. If I do something for someone and don't get praise or thanks my first instinct is to worry that I've offended or misread them.

I'd greatly appreciate any ideas or insights! Thanks!

Most of the stuff you list under ENFP is actually Fe-ish and is consistent with ENTP; the stuff you list under ENTP is not consistent with ENFP.

Fe dom Paul McCartney once said of Fi dom John Lennon that (paraphrase) "John doesn't care what other people think of him; I do [care what other people think of me]." While that's a gross oversimplification of Fe vs. Fi; Fe is other-centered...