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    Default So I thought about my type... again

    I read a thread yesterday where another test was linked, where you could get the strength levels of your various functions as a result.

    I did not save the results, but from what I recall it looked something like this:

    1. Ne 52% excellent usage
    2. Fi 48% excellent usage

    so this alone would leave me as ENFP but and here is the big but

    3. Ti 47% excellent usage

    nearly as close for the ENTP then...

    Soooo we have to drill even deeper and look at the levels of the remaining functions

    4. Te 38% average usage
    5. Se 32% average usage

    6,7,8. Fe,Ni and Si all on poor levels.

    Sooo it seems like I might be in fact an ENFP due to stronger usage of Te instead of Fe as it would be for the ENTP, but with a strongly developed Ti side.

    Opinions on this?
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    I don't think tests are that accurate. I always get high Fi with the tests, even when I know for certain that I don't use Fi. It would be better if you could read the descriptions of the functions and see what you can identify with. Keep in mind, though, that most of the descriptions aren't accurate and tend to describe behaviors more than cognitive preferences. (Because, admittedly, cognitive preferences are very hard to describe without tying them to something more concrete)

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    My opinion? ENFP, and that cognitive functions tests are horrible indicators of type.

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    Good Te and low Fe does point towards ENFP.

    I agree with what others have said, though, that the function tests are not always trustworthy. It's really easy to subconsciously sway them towards the results you think you should have, and sometimes if you are really proficient with one function you will come up as being great at its opposite (like an Ni-dom getting a high Ne score) simply because the more developed a function is, the more it can "act" like its opposite (although that doesn't seem to be what's going on with your scores in this case).

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