I read a threat yesterday where another test was linked, where you could get the strength levels of your various functions as a result.

I did not save the results, but from what I recall it looked something like this:

1. Ne 52% excellent usage
2. Fi 48% excellent usage

so this alone would leave me as ENFP but and here is the big but

3. Ti 47% excellent usage

nearly as close for the ENTP then...

Soooo we have to drill even deeper and look at the levels of the remaining functions

4. Te 38% average usage
5. Se 32% average usage

6,7,8. Fe,Ni and Si all on poor levels.

Sooo it seems like I might be in fact an ENFP due to stronger usage of Te instead of Fe as it would be for the ENTP, but with a strongly developed Ti side.

Opinions on this?