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Thread: An INFTJP...?

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    Quote Originally Posted by simulatedworld View Post
    The function order you just listed is most characteristic of INTJ. I know you won't believe me, but I expect you probably have some misconceptions about the functional definitions that cause you to read yourself as using a bizarre functional mix/coming out as a hybrid type.

    I'll drop it though because there's zero chance of me convincing you of that.

    I know that the functions order I listed above means INTJ

    You seem to be convinced that ignorance is the only reason why someone would use an X in their type. You said as much in your previous post.

    My long ass post above was a (failed) attempt to show you that someone who called themselves an X, doesn't necessarily have to be indecisive or ignorant.

    What I was trying to show is that my use of certain functions is a bit too balanced to make a clear decision of using one over the other. Since my use of functions is so balanced, this in turn, creates ambiguity over what trait I am.

    Some people would call such a balanced use of functions "unhealthy" instead of "balanced"

    I suspect that something similar happens with other people who also use X's in their type. And I had tried to show that in my long ass post above.

    Perhaps it would help to convince you that I'm not completely ignorant about functions if you read some of my previous threads/posts.
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