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    Default Type my friend's story, if you had time!

    I don't know if it's possible to type someone with few details and a single episode, but one of my friend told me an interesting story about another friend we had in high school, PETER, who confess him what he did two years ago.
    I am somewhat surprised because PETER was usually quiet and reserved, serious and a bit aloof, intelligent and maybe a bit impractical, but in general respectful of people. But apparently he has a dark side!

    Here we go:
    [introduction] There is a group of male friends who hang out in the evening. But then one of those friends (JOHN) know some girls and he wants to become a sort of leader and decide what to do and where to go, because now he "brings the girls" in the group. JOHN seems a lot possessive with one girl (VIOLET) and a bit controlling about the group in general, intrusive about who talks with who and so on... But Violet seems not romantically interested in JOHN, she only wants to be friends, but he doesn't give up.

    Others friends seems to follow him, but PETER doesn't like JOHN's behaviour and being treated as a sheep, but he does nothing and remain detached or sometimes gets out of the group. After some months... for an odd coincidence, PETER meets VIOLET and her sister in a coffee bar and he seats with them for a simple small-talk. When JOHN discover that, he told to the other friends that VIOLET told him she was not happy that PETER seated with her. Now PETER is very upset with JOHN and he thinks: "now I show you that you are not the boss and that she likes me. I will give you a lesson!" and even if he doesn't like VIOLET particularly, he decide to "steal" VIOLET to JOHN. He mantains a low profile, nobody have to know it, and he starts the strategy to meet her "accidentally", with chat, mail, and better know her week after week.
    Then, in a big summer party he does a "strong" approach to her. All people see that and gossip a lot, JOHN is humiliated and angered. He starts to confront them in the days after but PETER stays calm and detached. After few days PETER and VIOLET will be engaged. JOHN gives up definitively. PETER reached his goal.
    Six months later, PETER left VIOLET and now he hangs out with new friends.

    Which type PETER is?
    Thanks and Bye

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    Wow, that's a lot of drama...

    PETER is so evil, he must be an INTJ

    No, but seriously, stealing someone's love just to get back at them? Do people actually do this out of movies?

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