I match pretty much all the criteria for ESTP except at times I'd rather play video games (competitive) than go out and socialize with those I already know, engage in idle small talk etc.. Most times I am socially outgoing, but other times only with those who I feel are competant and capable of understanding/appreciating what I have to say.. I am not a big fan of small talk, that does not seem to ESTPish? If the topic at hand does not interest me, I am more likely to a. Change the topic b. Walk away from the conversation and find something stimulating to me.. Is it odd that I feel contempt for those who are sensitive, idealistic types? That I feel they are full of crap and have urges to tell them so? Maybe I'm just an ESTP turned bitter asshole? Any thoughts? Took the Enneagram and got equal in 7 and 8, trying to figure out which one of them is the lead and which one is the kicker.