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    Quote Originally Posted by OrangeAppled View Post
    I also don't hear anything about imagination, values, and other idealistic stuff INFPs usually talk about when describing themselves.
    Ha! True that.

    In retrospect, I was extremely imaginative until I was about 15. I never lived in the real world. But now I am a cold realist. I am more concerned with logic and practicality. D:

    I certainly don't have those same "NF" values or ideals anymore, but I do remember what it was like, to a certain extent...
    Living is never a waste of time.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Caligula View Post
    Aww, you're welcome Stepho!

    Best friends forever!
    Quote Originally Posted by MacGuffin View Post
    ayoitsStepho is becoming someone else. Actually her true self, a rite of passage.

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