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    Quote Originally Posted by pocket lint View Post
    Yeah, it's kind of hard for me to tell what part of my thinking is daydreaming? Before I read that definition, I thought it was the same thing as having inner dialogue. I also thought that most introverts think to themselves/daydream? I rarely make up stories or an alternate reality, though... and it seems like that is big part of daydreaming? I mostly think about what I have to do, worry about the future, etc...
    I don't think I've ever 'made up' stories or an alternate reality either. At least not in daydreaming. Real dreaming, yeah. But I'd imagine everyone does that.

    But I do spend the majority of my time in my head, thinking about stuff (like you said - this is something all introverts would do?)-- either my life and people/situations in my life, past/present/future (that would be my only 'daydreaming' - imagining possible future scenarios in my life, or things I might do; or sometimes I'll fantasize about stuff I'll never actually do), or else general concepts/patterns of existance - world issues, cultural stuff, philosophical musings, ect. With ripples of feelings interwoven through all of it, depending on my emotional state at the time.

    Well hey, if you do a blog, great! Just have fun w/ it. I don't think you can go wrong.
    "...On and on and on and on he strode, far out over the sands, singing wildly to the sea, crying to greet the advent of the life that had cried to him." - James Joyce

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    Quote Originally Posted by pocket lint View Post
    Don't expect anything special, lol! I just like to use any pictures to help show people what I see... otherwise, I'll be crippled with only words !
    I like photo-oriented blogs. Why write all of that stuff when you can just press the shutter button a few times?

    Maybe I'm not looking enough, but I haven't seen many fluffy posts by you. Even if it is fluff, it's your blog, so I don't think anyone would neg-rep you for that. Besides, you might consider it fluff, but others might find your observations and comments interesting and humorous, and your photos very good and artistic. That's my prediction based on everything you've posted so far.

    Edit: Plus, I enjoy reading SP blogs.

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