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Thread: Typing a friend

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    Default Typing a friend

    When I was in high school, I knew a guy who was very bright and empathetic. I've been contemplating what his MBTI type is. So a general listing of his characteristics would be:

    - Empathetic: he knew how to put himself in someone else's shoes. He was very much intuitive about how people feel and knew how to work with them.

    - Helper: he'd be the type to run in and save someone's life.

    - Determined: he knew what he wanted and focused on achieving his goals.

    - Intelligent: He loved challenges and flexed his mental muscles. He loved math and science, and was talented in music.

    - Value oriented: if someone said something that went against his principles, he didn't like it at all. He stood close to his values and was a morally conscientious person.

    - Hard to tell about introversion/extroversion. He seemed in the middle of the road in that perspective, but he wasn't really loud, he was quite soft-spoken.

    - Was always busy hitting the books.

    I think he could be either ENFJ, INFJ. What do you think?


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    i'd say INFJ, but I really like to look at someone and hear them speak to know for sure. Biographies = not so good

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