ok, I think he's an INTJ but I'm not sure.

Here's what I know:
  • Very rarely shows emotion (in fact, the only time I've seen him really show it was when he was talking about the road taxes in Illinois)
  • He's in his late 30s and single
  • He's an IT guy
  • He's redoing his house (he actually has a house)
  • He feels the need to point out every time any person is wrong about anything, to correct their logic, and to expound on points they otherwise didn't expand on.
  • I adore talking to him (lol, apparently I'm one of the only ones)
  • I like arguing with him and he doesn't call names when he corrects so I'm rarely insulted, though he's killed a few of my hyperbolic stories, lol.
  • He doesn't like to be hugged
  • He has very political views and was in the military and traveled for a bit and was a trucker for a bit and used to go on motorcycle trips but now his life is pretty, well, quiet.
  • He is not effusive.
  • I suspect he's an enneagram 9w8.
  • He's religious but very into the doctrine rather than the religious aspects.
  • He's *not* up for everything (much of anything).
  • He's kind of nerdy, he knows about sci-fi. I suspect he once played rpgs.
  • He'd rather plan things

Ok, so, help me out. I've known a few other guys who I believed were INTJs but they were a bit more emotive, happier, people. Compared to him I suspect they may have been Es...or perhaps just more balanced...