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    Quote Originally Posted by BlackCat View Post
    You're an INFJ I'd say.

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    If this is a IxxP vs IxxJ battle I would easily select IxxJ for you.

    The reason being you do IxTPs tend to run off in an argument to prove their point of view for proving a Ti point sake and IxFPs tend to run off in an argument to prove their point of view for Fi sake.

    OR they (INxP) try to prove 1,000 points in one post and fail to convince.

    Do not have any of the above traits. Infact you never have one sided argument (I haven't seen). You cover so many points of views from different angles. Which is a INxJ trait.


    Spooky toonia...

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    I'm a bit new here but have read a number of your posts and think I agree with INFJ consensus. To be honest, the first time I started reading one of your posts, I was scanning through things quickly as I often do and then, well, was stopped a bit dead in my tracks - went back and read it more carefully, and then read it again. Your insight, depth of perspective, analytical mind, and the way your emotions flow into your writing - it is all a bit astonishing. Very humbling. You are a very beautiful person.

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