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Thread: ISFP or ISTP?

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    You know, I have to note that I have a lot of social anxiety, but I've been working with it and have gotten incredibly better with managing it in the past few years. This is often at the forefront of my mind.

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    I think it's easy to read both Ti and Fi into that post, Markasin.

    I think the only way you're going to figure this out is if you decide for yourself. Look at these two descriptions (they're really good) and see which one you identify with most:

    Quote Originally Posted by Ti
    Introverted Thinking (Ti) often involves finding just the right word to clearly express an idea concisely, crisply, and to the point. Using introverted Thinking is like having an internal sense of the essential qualities of something, noticing the fine distinctions that make it what it is and then naming it. It also involves an internal reasoning process of deriving subcategories of classes and sub-principles of general principles. These can then be used in problem solving, analysis, and refining of a product or an idea. The analysis involves looking at different sides of an issue and seeing where there is inconsistency. We engage in this process when we notice logical inconsistencies between statements and frameworks, using a model to evaluate the likely accuracy of whatís observed.
    Quote Originally Posted by Fi
    I feel that my emotions are trustworthy. I use them to fine-tune my value system...I do this by waiting until I have a feeling, then checking it against what I believe I should feel. If the two are not consistent, I re-analyze why I believe I should feel otherwise. If it does not make sense or is inconsistent with the rest of my values, particularly the foundations of the value system, I alter the value until it is properly aligned. If the reason makes sense and retains an internal consistency with the rest of the value system, I figure out why I am feeling inappropriately. When I discover the core of the error, I can work to change the spiritual flaw in order to change the emotion. I continue focusing on appropriate attitudes until the actual emotion aligns with the value system again.
    It really is just the difference between being in tune with logical coherence and emotional (or "spiritual") coherence. Which are you more like on a day-to-day basis?

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