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    Quote Originally Posted by tinkerbell View Post
    I do agree that it's not always clean cut... go and look at both the threads which I started in late summer.... in the MBTI section, F truely had major issues dumping, T's much less so.

    I apprecaite the keep or dump dicotomy is not always clean cut, but it gets you closer quicker... as a person with a fair bit of F myself, I do make major decisions based on T thinking. I also shop like that too
    Okay, I see what you mean now.

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    Quote Originally Posted by tinkerbell View Post

    A killer question... you are seeing someone and you figure out that you are not totally seeing a future with them

    Typically do you keep or dump? How difficult would be it be to dump them, even if you liked that person a lot....

    A T typically would dump them even if it was hard... they want to be in relationships with future and F type would struggle big time.

    Being T doens't mean you have no F.... I have a pretty good F but my T is still a LOT bigger.....

    if i dont see a future with someone im seeing, i break up with them regardless of how deeply we feel for each other. it is hard for the first few days but usually im up on my feet again within a week lol. sometimes i feel bad for how quickly i recover, but im just not the type to sulk around for days and im not afraid to carry on with my life. sometimes decisions like that are just necessary.

    anyway, thanks for all of your answers, it was really helpful! maybe im just like that sometimes because im a pisces
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