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    Thumbs down The Amoured Personality

    MBTI is the perfect shield for the armoured personality.

    The armoured personality is unable to love and create and flow. So to hold our neurotic and fragile personality together, we must put on the armour of MBTI.

    The armoured personality has no backbone, so we must put on the exoskeleton of MBTI.

    And clanking around in our exoskeleton, we can neither love nor create, nor dance nor flow.

    The price we pay for the false security of MBTI is the flow of inner delight.

    The purpose of MBTI was to induct women into the war machine of WW II, and to strangle inner delight at birth.

    So all we have to do is throw off the armour of MBTI so we can be free to love, to create and to flow.

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    Dude, seriously, the reason this stuff pisses me off is because your scheme calls for all people to be SFP or be less than valuable. It's mean.

    I'll be over here polishing my armour. And you know where I'm polishing it too, oh yeah.
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