I took some 5 test and 2 typed me as Enfp 1 Intj with strong leaning to INFJ
then 2 times typed as INTJ.

some details

I prefer talking about issues concerning conflicting personalities with close family member, usually venting but when it comes to dealing with something like a issue with a process or the truth about details in a process , i deal on my own away from other people, think about possible paths and consequences, maybe set up safety nets. the good feeling in this situation, comes from resolving the issue in it`s self.

I don`t like being in the center of a group or in a group too long, I look for ways to exit a group by introducing someone or when everyone is distracted/ someone is approaching the group i slip away. "that is a good question, i would have to check into that"

when someone ask me a personal question and they have not known me for long time, just start fireing away with a Marriott of questions, some pointed to get an effect , i give an out right obvious lies with a smile or give a random statement that makes no sense. this sometimes eggs certain people on but ends up turning into a game.

guess that it for now