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Okay so not knowing who i am is killing me , not in the literal sense ahaa.
I just feel lost or like i don't know who i am. So if anyone could help out i'd really appreciate it

I already posted this somewhere earlier :

I feel like i'm two different people sometimes? I know its not really a quality but i'm just putting it out there
- I'm extremely unorganised
- I go through random phases where i don't care what the consequences of my actions are
- I'm very sensitive and i hate it, its a downfall and something i can't control
- I am incapable of looking past peoples good points, i can see badness but i always turn a blind eye toward it
- I often change how i act depending on who i'm with, leading back to the two different people thing
- I'm not academic at all, i struggle with most subjects.
- I have a limited attension span
- I feel very deeply. When im sad im borderline depressed.
- I'm obsessed with my image and how i come off across to people
- No motivation or ambition
- I think too much about things i regret, i dwell on everything
- I get bored in relationships fast
- I'm almost too nice
- I find it hard to talk about feelings

So what do you think?
Actually, my first guess would have been ESFP as well. From your brief description I can see both Se and inferior Ni ("I go through random phases where i don't care what the consequences of my actions are."). Not wanting to talk about feelings is consistent with Fi, as is feeling deeply.

Don't worry about a lack of flightyness (a word on loan from George Bush). ESFPs are often described that way, but it doesn't have to be like that for all of them. There are multiple ways the same functions can manifest themselves. A lot of people will also try to tell you that ESFPs are stupid as well, but don't listen to them. While it's true they don't tend towards academia, there are many sorts of intelligence. The ESFP tend to have more social brain power.