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    Default What type is this guy?

    He talks a lot and likes to be with people.
    He likes to watch a lot of movies, and likes to read at times.
    He has multiple after life propositions, and sticks to all of them.
    He is good at learning new things, but if you push him to learn he won't want to learn that.
    He is kind to everyone, every person that passes say hi to him.
    He is not invited to parties and to hang out, but he is well liked at school and if he assist to one of those party, he gets drunk even if he doesn't like alcohol at all, just because what it causes to him.
    He is even well liked by his teachers.
    He may be a rebel if you give him orders, or tell him to do something in a bad manner.
    He is very philosophic, and sees the world as something extremely complex.
    He can be alone some time, but if he passes too much time in his house or alone, he gets depressed.
    He enjoys music a lot. He listens to it most time of the day, and he makes a story in his head while he listens to it.
    Once he said he wanted to be a journalist, but months later he thought about literature. Now he's with the idea of cinematography.
    When he gets mad, he may be a total b*tch, and may feel that all the world is against him. Yet, he accepts his responsibility the way he acts.
    He trust people a lot in some things but may feel insecurity about some other things and won't tell his secrets.
    If you need help, he will always be there to help you.

    Oh! I have to add that his room is a total mess!! he has papers all over the floor, food, and he cleans every two months.

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    I'm undecided between ESFP and ENTP. He never cleans his room though, so ENTP?
    I have a vagina.

    ENTP . 7w6 sx/sp

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