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    Default Hehe...anyone bored and want to help me?


    Sooo...I'm pretty certain I'm an ENFP, but I hesitate to say "yes, that's me!" for one simple reason:

    Since the first time I took an MBTI test about a year ago I have either tested ENFJ or INFJ. It's only recently that I have been testing as an ENFP.

    I just hesitate to use that history as a good indicator of what my type it. I just feel like I resonate much more with ENFP than I have the others (the second would be INFJ and then ENFJ).

    Anyway, blah...maybe I'll just give some info about me to maybe help you all help me!

    As a youngster:
    - I'm an only child who was raised by a single INFP mother.
    - I used to have an insane imagination (which the "real world" has put somewhat of a damper on as I've grown) and could spend hours and hours playing all alone. Also, I took my imagination everywhere with me and, if I could, I would try to bring other people into my world to play with me.
    - At school, I was kind of the weird kid who was a little too smart, a little too "out there" and a little too uncaring of whether I was accepted or not.
    - I liked people and I had a few friends (maybe only 3), but I could have done without.
    - I was constantly in the library reading or writing. The librarian loved me and she even took me out to lunch one day at the end of the year.
    - I had a short, hot temper that occasionally got me in trouble.
    - I also abhorred boy bands because I thought their music was terrible and manufactured (except I thought these things in little kid terms). I look back and wonder at how I made those conclusions at such a young age.
    - I tended to get along with adults much better than I did kids my age.
    - I also remember that, at maybe 8, I was watching TV and all of a sudden I was like: "one day I'll be old and I won't be able to have fun and all I'm doing now is wasting my childhood watching TV!" It was such a moment in my life and from that point on I didn't really watch TV much.
    - When people asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up I would always say things like "an entomologist" or "an architect" or "mathematician" while everyone else said "firefighter" or whatever. I still think it's kinda crazy that I said these things as a kid! Haha.

    - During middle school and at the beginning of high school I slowly opened up to the fact that I was pretty different from everyone else and that not everyone was up to disappearing into my imagination with me. So I tried to make myself for digestible to others. It worked, but I never felt good, centred or true to myself.
    - In middle school, I wore the same thing day after day. I didn't really understand why this was a problem and I got made fun of a lot. But I didn't change it...I just got angry and yelled (short, hot temper).
    - I didn't really have many "good" friends during this time. I was kind of sad a lot. I also became pretty secretive.
    - I also developed a good work ethic during this time. I learned how to plan and I did it well. I knew how to get my work done on time and I did do it on time (and when I didn't, I was the master of getting my teacher to excuse it). I also hated when other people would be late for something (because I thought this was pretty disrespectful) so I made sure that I was on time most of the time.

    - I love people. I am constantly amazed with and by people. I love to watch different people and get a good understanding of them. My main goal (although it's not a conscious "goal") is to cultivate the uniqueness of everyone I meet. I want people to feel like they can be themselves just as they are around me. If this is a person I don't mesh well with, then I just won't spend much time with this person.
    - People generally give me a lot of energy, unless it's someone I don't get along with well. Because I don't want to label a person as a person I don't get along with, I struggle between wanting to find common ground and have us get along and being true to myself (without trying to change them). This can really drain me and so I avoid it if I can.
    - I'm a pretty warm person, but when I'm stressed I become icy. When I'm sad all I want to do is be alone (but, again, I feel torn because I really want to be with people to help me get out of my funk, but I don't want to burden them with my funk).
    - I'm known as a person who laughs/giggles and smiles a lot. I love to do these things. I am constantly amused by life.
    - I have a habit of calculating things in my life. Like: how long will it take me to walk here, how much time do I have to do x number of things before this time, how much time will I have to sleep for and what does that mean, how many calories are in this food, how much money have I spent/will I spend/will I get/etc. It drives me crazy sometimes and I don't particularly like doing it...I just do. It does help me get stuff done, though, so I must be thankful.
    - I'm really good at starting things and not finishing them. Haha I'm SO pumped for something when I get the idea to do it, but a lot of time I just lose interest and move on to something new.
    - This is making finishing university really hard for me. I'm taking a break here in China teaching English. I know I SHOULD go back next year and finish it out, but I don't know where I should go or what I should study (I was studying music previously, but really don't want to do that anymore).
    - My past really hinders me. I have a "bad" memory and I tend to not remember the worser things in my life. Then it all comes rushing to me because of some kind of stimulus and I'm a wreck until I work through it all.
    - I love physics and math. I love having conversations about it and I could talk to my good INTJ friend about these things for hours. I love the places my imagination can go because of it. It's like the ultimate playground for my mind and I can constantly ask "why?"
    - I don't really like studying it all by myself, though. Haha If there's no one around to bounce questions off of and hear their opinions and points of view, I can lose interest.
    - I love to write because it can be a good outlet and place for my imagination to go. I like writing for children best.
    - As for relationships, I've had a few "romances" in my life and one serious "relationship." I tend to be really secretive and passionate about these things. I don't take them lightly. I don't get idly attracted to people. I look for husband material. I'm idealistic in my own, strange way. I don't like the kind of romance I see in pop culture. I never have.
    - I like long walks in nature by myself. I need a bit of "me" time every once in a while to process things. But I get crazy if I'm alone too much. I can do it, but my next interaction with people will tend to make me feel like I've had an espresso shot and a dose of methamphetamine. I really get energised by people. I have to laugh at myself sometimes because of this.
    - I also have to really focus on people sometimes and when they're saying. I can so naturally tune out the world and live in la-la land in my head that I don't hear what people are saying. I'm good at faking at being attentive, though. Haha...I hate this about me. It's something I really strive to improve on. Every once in a while I slip up, though. Maybe this is why I have a bad memory.
    - This doesn't just go for in conversations. I often run into things and people and get lost. But I'm really good at finding myself. I just KNOW where I am and where I'm going. It amazes me sometimes. I feel like I shouldn't be alive. I'm also not very cautious. I just hardly ever think about it.
    - But I am something of a hypochondriac. It's something I really have to remind myself to not worry about. I used to get panic attacks and was SURE that in the next 2 minutes I was going to die of a heart attack. Just because I had gas or something.
    - I can't watch TV easily (unless it's in another language like here in China). I just stare at the TV, start thinking of other things and then end up watching the wall about the TV instead. Haha. It's silly.

    Phew. Way too much. WAY too much! I'm sorry! I hope maybe this sheds some light on me. I don't know much about MBTI so I don't know what much of it means. I feel like a lot of my actions are pretty "J" in the sense that I DO like to have a plan. I like to have some kind of idea of what will happen. I feel like, with a plan, I have so much freedom. But I also feel like I'm pretty "P" in other areas. I'm good at improvising when that plan goes awry, but I'm not so good going into things without an outline of what MIGHT go right.

    The ENF part is what I'm fairly sure of

    What do you all think?

    (and thank you again if you do take the time to read this and help me )

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    You sound like an enneagram four from what you've written. You also sound like an IEI (Socionics INFp), but the confidence in that typing isn't too strong.

    Hmm, talk about people or tasks, your interests and hobbies (most importantly, why are you interested in them? What is it that draws you and appeals to you about them?), and your interpretation of such. Life priorities, how you think, how you are communication-wise, just write a good few paragraphs about yourself.

    When you're in a group, what are you focused on (the atmosphere, emotional expression, exchange of ideas, productiveness, etc.?) What is your typical group behavior, and how'd you like groups to be and behave (small size, emotionally subdued, spontaneous, disorganized activities, etc.) Least favorite group behavior?

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    When you make a plan, how well do you stick to it? Is it sort of an outline you follow loosely so you can be confident you are going somewhere, or is it a specific list of tasks that you actually follow? As a ENFP I do a lot of the first. If I do the second, it normally turns into the first.
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