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    There's a good thread on INTP central about the cognitive functions: Cognitive Functions 100: Basic Functionality Revised - INTP Forum


    Ni/Si is your internal worldview forming function
    Ti/Fi is your internal logical or moral compass function
    Ne/Se is your external stimulus reading function
    Te/Fe is your external systematic or social dynamics shifting function

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    Quote Originally Posted by faultyideal View Post
    up until i started looking into MBTI and jung's functions again recently, i guessed i was INFP. i grudgingly accepted the Fi/Ne dynamic as my own, though i didn't understand it completely. i didn't put much stock in it and moved on to the Enneagram.

    then the other day i was speaking with an ENFP friend trying to help him figure out his E-type, when we started discussing the MBTI. he then told me i was wrong about Fi, and that what i was describing as myself sounded more like Ni-dominant. i told him that sometimes i felt like i could read people's emotions, almost without meaning to. i could then internally predict what they would do next/what they were thinking.

    i told my friend that one time, my girlfriend and i were going to go to watch a movie i rented at my house. first we stopped by my girlfriend's mom's work to get some food (she's a manager at a local restaurant). while we ate, her mom came and sat with us. my gf began to tell her about our plans, and as she did i could sense somehow an unease in her mom. there were no obvious signs, just very subtle indicators that my sensitive girlfriend couldn't even pick up. after we left, i told my gf that i thought her mom was planning something and that it might be a good idea to wait before we watched the movie. when my girlfriend got home, her mom was surprised then told her that she actually had rented the same video we did and was wanting to spend time with her daughter.

    my friend told me that what i thought was my Ne picking up on external possibilities and my Fi coming to a decision was actually more like Fe picking up information and my Ni predicting.

    what i guess i'm saying is, are there any jungian gurus out there who can explain that situation?
    No Jungian guru here but I get these types of feelings all the time. I've assumed it to be Ni and not Fi. It has to do with little signals in the communication - slight changes/patterns in tone of voice, body language, eye movement, etc. I'm overly susceptible to these little signals to the point of excess and over-interpretation. Often they seem to be right but I've got a problem with over-analyzing them. It definitely seems like an intuition thing.

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