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    Default Is this Si??? (am I ISFJ?)

    Even though I have been and am quite sure that I am an INFJ, I have been thinking lately that I could also be an ISFJ. Anyhow, I was wondering if I am not using Si much more often than Ni. Maybe I just don't really get the functions.
    I relate extremely well to almost every profile of INFJ, much more than I ever could relate to any ISFJ -profile. I never doubted my Ni since I alway interpret everything way too much. I am constantly interpreting, if you wish, always thinking "but what if that happens". I've always considered myself pretty imaginative, and have even been called this by others, also in a disapproving way, in that people think my imagination/ ability to imagine all kind of scenarios are the reason for my sorrows.
    I could not relate to any NF-profile better than to the INFJ-profile.
    however....I have come to wonder if I'm not using Si quite often. As e.g., if something is connected to some emotional experience/something of meaning to me, I remember details extremely well, as e.g. what happened on which date, what I was wearing, the exact surroundings. I just wanted to know if this has something to do with Si, or if I'm completely off. I often get extremely senitmental, like visiting certain places that remind me of certain beautiful experiences. I often recall memories in detail and can recreate the mood I was in once that is connected to this kind of memory.
    I am not sure whether I use past experiences in order to deal with new experiences. I would not say "my experience is that x was never good before and so I don't think x will be good in the future." although I sometimes find myself arguing (inside my head) "but it was like this and this, so maybe it won't be like that". but rather when I am stressed out, and I never trust in previous experience. e.g. if someone tells me that I am able to write academic papers because I have done so before I will argue......."but it may have been an accident and does not mean I am going to able to write a paper THIS time".
    argh. I feel like my Si-argument does not make too much sense. but I still wanted to hear your opinion on this.

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    Remembering the details of an event does sound very Si. And for me, I can even remember what I was thinking from moments in the past. Seems like you just need to differentiate between Si and Ni at this point.

    How about facts, statistics, data? Do you remember these things well? Do you build up a storage of data based on what you've experienced? Do you sometimes encounter some thing, and immediately think of some past event related to it?

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