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    Default Need help typing my friend

    She was elbow-deep in drugs and alcohol, before she was 18. She cannot deal with her emotions. She is completely unaware of how others perceive her and basic social decorum. She doesn't care either. She has a child-like innocence, although she's done some crazy stuff. She has mental issues and used to chase after adrenaline. She is not the warm-fuzzy type, but she cares deeply about her family and friends. She seems like an guardian to me. Artisan may also be an option. She lives in the present, is not interested in the future. Since she is unhealthy, it is hard to say whether she is extroverted or introverted. She talks a lot when she's given the opportunity, but she is very awkward. She hates the show gilmore girls, but likes house a lot, she is good in science, but not english. She is very blunt. She is generally confused and does not have concrete goals yet. She is always losing keys. It's hard to type her because she is just recovering from major depression and addiction. Ideas? Thanks.

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    The only thing that stands out is S and possibly a P. At a guess ISTP, but that really is a guess. She sounds like she has social anxiety but that isn't proof of being an introvert.

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