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Thread: Heeelp! :)

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    Question Heeelp! :)

    OK, I would like help in typing my boyfriend, thank you please. I got him to do the test and it came out ESTJ with low E and T percentages. But I watched him answering it, and a few of the questions I was really like "huh?? I don't think so..." lol He had music on at the time, and later admitted he doesn't care about it, lol. I think some of the answers were things he wished he was like!

    -He's very quiet and reserved. Even when out somewhere and in conversation. I don't think he could shout much if he even tried! He often refeers to himself as "chilled out" and "liking the simple things"
    -His days usually consist of, um, working, going home and watching TV, listening to music, PS3, maybe play his housemates on the ps3 or one of his other friends, and when I'm with him we pretty much do the same things and be boring together, hehe (I like it though) When he does go out it's usually something simple like a few drinks watching football with his dad and brother, or with me, or going round to see his mum and/or nan. Now and then he'll do something with a friend or two - like he went for a friends birthday meal for a couple of hours the other day. Maybe do a bit of shopping in the city sometimes. But most of the time it's hanging out with me indoors, on his own, or seeing immediate family.
    -He said he does need time away after prolonged socilising.
    -He said "maybe I am extroverted in some ways" But I honestly struggle to see how? Maybe I'm wrong though...

    -I'm pretty certain he's an S. He doesn;t really do theories. He says he has no beliefs about life after death, says he thinks it's "cute" when I talk about angels, spirits etc. but has this smirk on his face!
    -When he talks it's typically about everyday stuff, the how-is-is kind of thang.
    -He says he doesn't trust what the MBTI test has to say, because it's "just a list of questions" and he couldn't understand why I wanted him to re-take it when it came out with ESTJ. He laughed and said he'll lie next time if I want him to.

    -I think this is the one I'm most unsure of. He's a gentle guy, not agressive in his apporach at all. Caring, and will lsiten to what I have to say when I'm worried/sad. He'll readily reassure me.
    -With that said, he finds it hard to talk about his feelings, and prefer to show his affections through actions. He's very tactile, and will hug, tickle etc. me a lot, but isn't so big on showing affection through words.
    -Something I've noticed - he's not very assertive. If we disagree, or I'm moody or whatever, he won't speak up. I don't know if it's because he wants to avoid conflict or what, but he'll just seem really uncomfortable, and I have to kind of prod him to talk about it.
    -He once told me something that hurt my feelings, and he said "I'm really sorry, but at least I was honest about it, that's good we can be honest with each other" but he seemed upset that he upset me.

    -Everything has it's own place with him. "If you don't put it back in it's place you won't know where to find it!" Hates being late, clean, tidy.
    -He gets up a bit earlier for work than he really has to. He has a little routine before and after work. He's much more organised than me.
    -When I asked him once to call in sick he was like, "Noo, they depend on me, it's a small buissness so if I don't go it'll mess everything up" Wether that's an exaggeration or not I'm not quite sure!
    -Atlough he's nore organised than me, he doesn't get as stressed as me. He's orderly and structured, but...calm, lol.

    Random bits - I don't know if the tell anything:
    -He's very big on his music, his favourite is Grunge. His favourite band is Nirvana, big on Kurt Cobain (one of the things that makes us come together, lol) Has lots of CD's and music DVD's.
    -Reads - mostly music bio's/magazines.
    -Loves sports, the News, and shows about gadgets, haha. But then will watch things like Family Guy and King of The Hill too. He can't believe that I watch The X Factor because it's "mainstream bollocks" atlough he does kinda have a point there...he'll watch it with me anyway.
    - He works in a small shop selling tools.
    -Usually wears like plain black t-shirts, jeans, has longish hair but wears it in a pony most the time, and has a bit of facial hair that has to be neat.
    - He can be terribly sarcastic!

    All-in-all he's really sweet. Makes me feel wanted and looked after - he's like aww. OK, that'll doo. :p

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    First instinct is ISTP, but it's tough for me to type someone else without having their input at my beck and call.

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    P? Really? Whyy?

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    Really, why P?

    From what you wrote I'd type him as ISTJ.

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