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    It's interesting that you can identify with so much I have said about him....
    The thing about talking about being a couple before anything really happened....Mh....I don't really know if that sounds Ni to me ...the thing is, in general, I don't really see Ni in him..........I have quite a few friends with Ni as their dominant or auxiliary function, and I really very much relate to that....I just feel how similar we are.....I didn't really see that in him....but maybe one wouldn't be able to notice the tetiary function in that way....
    the only function I can clearly identify in some cases is Fi......
    Yeah, maybe that's how tertiary and inferior Ni is- it jumps to conclusions. I'm not sure.

    I would say that if he identifies with ENFP, but he doesn't really seem to fit it, chances are he's ESFP. People often seem to get confused by S vs N, and the descriptions of SPs can sometimes make them seem like they have to be jocks or always living on the edge, which isn't necessarily the case. As someone else mentioned, we can be geeky and interested in intellectual pursuits as well.

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    I don't know if anyone is interested, but nevertheless I wanted to share the further development on this in case you are interested. I talked with my boyfriend about this thread and have shown it to him and somehow he started reading all of the functions and type descriptions again and found that he could mostly identify with Ti, and with Ne over Si and Si over Se. Now he says he is most comfortable with INTP. I really do see that he uses Ti all the time, in all kinds of eveyday situations. I really see Ti as his primary approach to life. I don't really know what has happened to Fi. He says he by far relates more to Ti than he ever has to Fi. I have also suggested ISTP and ISTJ to him, but with the help of interaction-styles we found he is DEFINITELY not directing but informing, which excludes ISTP and ISTJ.

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