....if you're bothered, just ignore it.....

This one is about a very close friend of mine whom I have known since I was six. She did one test, I can't remember which one it was, and she scored ENTJ, but 50/50 on E/I and S/I...... I'm wondering if you could help me figuring out her type beyong TJ, which was very clear.

- She is extremely ambitious, and a real perfectionist. If she does something she wants to exel at it. When we had the same grades in school and I had been talking to a friend of mine during class, she would be really pissed of that we had the same grades.

- She is always extremely scared of failing in exams, which is connected to the previous point. feels that her value as a person depends on her grades.

- she is a veterinarian and working in that profession while doing her PhD simultaneously

- as a kid she had emotional outbursts if she felt treated badly. just left my house when I had done something wrong which I didn't know about

- In a relationship, she is really extremely touchy-feely, always hugging, holding hands etc. even when she is not alone with her boyfriend. sorry...sounds like that's something I dislike...mh...don't in general, she is just really extreme in that

- she is kind of bossy.....but.....in the end she IS always right

- extremely good at understanding the connections between things or the concept behind things, while bad at learning something by heart (mere facts etc.)

- she is an extremely loyal friend and always wants to help her friends. though there can be long periods without contact

- she speaks her mind when you are her friend. even if you don*t want to hear the truth

- still, she is somehow more "traditonal" than me..... would never question the biological difference between men and women, e.g......guess she*d be completely opposed to gender-theory....

- really can*t say if she is theoretic or concrete....though she picks up principles and the broader picture....not sure. talks a lot about work, relationship, her new flat etc.....

- is always afraid of that she could be failing in people's eyes.

That's all at the moment........I really thought that she has Te as her first function, but....I'm not sure...... what do you think?
thanks in adavance for any help....