...is an astrophysicist but more social, less concerned with spending time in his office than his colleagues, and finds the details more boring than big pitcure ideas, is very into networking and presenting at international conferences?

...wanted to be a business consultant after doing his PhD because he likes the money and status and was fine with no longer doing physics?

...spent months finding the appropriate espresso machine because he wanted to impress guests, and is also concerned with dressing well and having matching "man purses" for his different outfits?

...rides his expensive road bike 20 miles to work every day and spends his weekends involved in team races, enjoys wearing his spandex bike outfit in public because it shows off his figure?

...is a fantastic cook, loves to spend time cooking with friends one on one, and enjoys fancy cooking products but relies on established recipes rather than original ideas?

...kept things tidy around his apartment but had a couple secret piles of bills and such that are disorganized?

...has a large circle of acquaintances but only one or two close friends, does not keep contact with people not right in front of him unless he wants something from them (see next point)?

...keeps his emails organized in folders labeled for the various women he is communicating with at the time (colleagues, mostly mail, don't get a folder, work emails aren't organized) in an effort to remember who he told what to?

...was in two 4 year live-in relationships that ended when he wanted them to and independent of whether or not he was cheating on the girls at the time (which he was)?

...once said I only knew the him I'd seen which wasn't the real him at all, that he hated himself and that he had wanted to die while in his current relationship yet was still unable to break things off, finding it preferable to find other women to play around with for a bit rather than end things with the person who made him unhappy?

...once suggested any difficulty that he'd had with relationships was simply because he was "too logical"-more logical than everyone else?

...moved in with a new gf after a month of dating because she lived in a nice house in a neighborhood he wanted to live in and had been a diver on an olympic team (had status), rather than because he felt any sense of romantic love for her? Seems to equate activity partner plus status plus material objects with person he should live with?

...tried to get his neighbor to cheat on her bf with him, ignored her when she wouldn't?

...said in a relationship he needed someone who would make him talk and that no one had ever understood him as I had but that such understanding frightened him?

...attempts to maintain best buddy status with former gfs who he has cheated on even after they're aware of his behavior and even if they try to ignore him?

His field and interests have made me suspect he's an NT. But then there's all the materialistic stuff as well, and NTs I know IRL don't seem as overly concerned with such things. However, I understand some of this stuff, possibly all, may not be type related. I'm just pointing out behavioral characteristics that seemed salient to me and thus made me wonder if a type might exhibit them. Thanks!