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    Default Help me type someone!

    I've been trying to type my friends boyfriend and it's been particularly confusing. He scored ENTJ on an online test

    Everything I know about him:
    - Math major - he was really good at it, found it easy overall and really liked it

    - Listens to some seriously violent metal bands, is really good at crossword puzzles

    - Has a strong aversion to office work, he doesn't want to get a "real" job right now because he doesn't want to cut off his dreads and have to wear dress clothing. Apparantly he doesn't want to give up his individuality, and absolutely hates anything formal or professional

    - Hates losing at something and not being right (or in control?).. I beat him in a battleship game and he was sulking all day

    - Is extremely frugal

    - Smokes a ton of weed pretty much all the time

    - Has strong opinions about everything

    - Seems to like people but does not care much about how he comes off to them

    - Seems almost suspicious of everything, is really negative

    - He's pretty witty and and catches everything that is being said

    My guess would be INTJ as it seems like he uses too much Fi for an ENTJ.

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    Do you have anything else?

    Quote Originally Posted by musttry View Post
    Is he mainly in his head or is out and about Ne-ing or Fe-ing or Se-ing or Te-ing?
    Makes no sense.
    INTP | IEI - INFp

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    You don't seem to like him much.

    To type him, it would be helpful to have more description about how he does the things you describe. You have basically outlined the interests of a very negative smart person and any type could be that (actually, that does describe some INTJs I know).

    How about when he plays battleship, is it slow paced or fast paced? Does he make his moves too fast without thinking and make mistakes?

    Does he bounce around from idea to idea? Is social etiquette AMONG FRIENDS important? Is he impulsive? Is he mainly in his head or is out and about Ne-ing or Fe-ing or Se-ing or Te-ing?

    More details about HOW he does things would help.

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    I thought ISFP at first for some reason.
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    It's not that I don't like him I just think he's heading in a very unhealthy direction with life so I am sort of worried about her.

    @ not enough info: I doubt he would have tested entirely off the mark so I was thinking there would only be maybe a one letter difference, and hoping this would be enough to determine which one. I don't know him well enough but some other things I've noticed:

    he's very thorough, he's sarcastic, he likes to be in charge, he seems like he really needs people to acknowledge his position of control, he gets really pissed off when things don't work out in his favour, he can get shit done impressively when he feels up to it.

    Okay I think he must just be an unhealthy ENTJ

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