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Sounds pretty much like me if you switch around the Ts and Fs. I've done quite a bit of reading online and the INTP profiles and descriptions of Ti dominance do seem to fit best, but I can also see parts of myself in INFP and INTJ descriptions. I have become more sure of INTP as I read these boards, but I can't entirely let go of the idea that this might be the result of confirmation bias, or flawed understanding of cognitive functions, or something.

Anyways, I'm not confident with declaring your type, but I can say there's nothing you've said that would make me contradict it. I've seen a few things that suggest you're more of an NF (you've said that you don't value competence much, that it's easy to get into others heads and find inconsistencies in their "moral logic" or emotional reactions, that you're sometimes drawn to melancholy). To those who are certain there's "no way" she's an NT, what makes you say no way?

Have you searched for "INTP or INFP" on these forums? It turns up quite a few discussions. I know Jennifer's explained some of the common differences on several threads.
I hadn't done that, and I was amazed how many there were. I'm quite happy to call myself INFP again I think. I do think I value Ti use extremely highly when dealing with moral dilemmas and in communication and language (I'm extremely persnickety about linguistic errors - at least the kinds I care about - when I notice them and I restrain myself from correcting people all the time), but I don't think I spend as much time just playing and experimenting with it as I do playing with Fi, in daydreams etc. I'm not as drawn to Ti for its own sake, in general.