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    Default What's my bf's mom's type?

    I've yet to meet her in person, but from the things my bf has told me about her, she seems quite the character. A highly unusual woman.

    Here is what I know:

    - She lives alone with a veritable Noah's Ark of animals, in a mobile home she's bought and extended herself. She breeds tanks and tanks of fish.

    - In her youth, she traveled cross-country, even lived in San Francisco, but eventually thought even the small cities were too crowded and settled in the smallest of small towns in the west coast.

    - Marriage didn't agree with her (it lasted all of a month?). Neither did relationships, from which she had two kids, one with a man who completely vanished from their lives. I guess she was okay with that, because I don't think my bf even knows his dad's name.

    - She went back to trade school at a late age and learned automotive mechanics so she could repair her own cars.

    - She's pretty religious (Jehovah's Witness). It's the bulk of her community.

    - Very independent and doesn't call her sons very much (once in a blue moon).

    - Made her kids do their chores (and fix cars even in winter) and earn honest wages from an early age, especially if they claimed to be too "sick" to go to school, and threatened to make them be part of her future cross-country dog-sledding team if they were misbehaving.

    Does she sound like an ISTP?

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    Quote Originally Posted by seamaid View Post
    Does she sound like an ISTP?
    Yes, that's what I was thinking as well.

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