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Thread: What type am I?

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    ^I didn't really think about what was good or bad, since I was tired. Is that supposed to be a subconscious thing?
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    Quote Originally Posted by cascadeco View Post
    ...there was an absence of things that would point to definite introversion in the OP ...

    What kinds of things point to introversion?
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    Quote Originally Posted by BlahBlahNounBlah View Post
    What kinds of things point to introversion?
    Oh..I dunno...just for illustration I'll put a few things down that I wrote in my 'Introduction' post on this forum over 2 yrs ago, that are related to introversion. But it probably doesn't need to be said that there are many aspects of introversion that I'm not listing, and the nature of the introversion will differ from one to another...and of course extroverts obviously have an internal world of thoughts/feelings, and need down time as well, so extroverts will always relate to some elements of introversion (and some E types more than others), it's just much less of a need/inclination.

    Really I was just curious how/why PopRocks experienced her own words.


    How a good friend/coworker described me when I asked her how she'd describe me (I did this because I've decided maybe I don't really know how I come across to people - and, I was rather surprised at her answer!): She says I am very poised/controlled in how I choose to present myself to others, that she thinks most people don't know the half of what I'm about

    *I'm not very outgoing; I have to force myself to get out and interact, and chitchat with people I don't know.

    *I am most happy out in nature, and I feel I can attain peace, and nature/wildlife/wilderness is what I value immensely.
    *I like just sitting back and drinking tea, or listening to music.
    *I feel that I need a lot of alone time, just to relax and unwind.... I crave intimacy, but it's so rare that I meet someone who I really connect with, that it drains me to be around people that I don't connect with, so then I want to be by myself....
    * general I tend to brood and think a lot about stuff, and take life pretty seriously
    *I have lots of opinions about things, and I genuinely want to help people if they're unhappy or if I think they're going down the wrong path...but I often don't state the opinions because I don't see the 'point' in doing so.
    *Despite how I come across via email...very little of this would be noted by anyone in real life, because most of these thoughts/feelings STAY in my head


    General introversion traits:

    Thinking before speaking; sometimes a long lag time between taking the info in, processing it, and then responding. Not as spontaneous in conversation. More withdrawn.

    Process of getting to know an introvert is much more drawn-out than with an extrovert. Introverts aren't as self-revealing; need to be drawn out, whereas extroverts self-reveal much more readily/spontaneously.

    Preference for 1:1 and a few close friends; more of an aversion/discomfort with groups, mingling, 'networking', having a large network of people in life

    More self-conscious in general; less 'free' in being fully open with others. Tendency to hold back and get caught in introverted perceptions/judgments.

    Large % of time not interacting with others; in own world or doing own thing. More solitary activities.

    Less apt to have a lot going on...extroverts typically have a much busier social calendar or need to get out and about a lot more, in people-environments, even if it's by themselves.

    Extroversion of thoughts/self tends to deplete energy (because it is not a primary process)


    Of course there are all of those internet listings/comparisons between introversion and extroversion, too....
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