So it seems the consensus so far is ESfP? Well heres some more info about him that I think could be helpful

- He calls himself a realist, and has a no BS mindset.

- He has blatantly told me he only cares about the here and now, and says he just wants to be able to fall asleep and wake up the next day.

- Likes to hook up electronics for people. When the comcast people came to his house he took everything from them and set it up himself because he really enjoys to. He also likes to organize electronics, in are video class he was annoyed that the computer room was so messy, so he brought zip ties to school and organized it and made it really really clean.

- Every now and then he comes up to me with these awful half thought out get rich quick schemes that seem like they wouldve spawned from a crappy espisode of the honeymooners or something.