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Thread: The ENFP club

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    Default The ENFP club

    This is a place to discuss the ENFP type. I want to know what it means to have Intuition first over feelings and if that affects your love life so tell me about your love lives...

    : ENTP (Ne,Ti, Fe, Si)
    Enneagram: 4>9>6 ISP.
    Functions: Ne, Ti, Fe =excellent Si, Fi=good Te, Ni=limited Se=unused.
    My Temperament: Theorist >Catalyst>Stabilizer >Improviser
    Interacting Style: Get Things Going>In Charge>Chart the Course>Behind the Scenes
    Preferences: I like ESFJ's, & INFJ's.

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    My love life, hmm... I'm single but purely devoted to one person at this moment in time. I am extremely protective of my friends, many a person has been threatened simply because they said something to them that I didn't like... I'm the mother hen among my friends and yet I haven't any regard for my own safety as an impulsive risk taker.
    I was in and out of relationship very frequently for awhile and then met a guy who ended up living with me, standing in between and bucking horse and bullets for me and who overall just clicked with me... though we have been apart for nearly three months now he and I are still very close and other than an INTP friend or two I have not even considered another male.

    I guess what I am trying to say it that I'm picky, but once I find something I want and am determined to have it I rarely give up. The same is true for a particular position at work that I am trying extremely hard to earn.
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