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    Default Type confirmation

    So I'm relativley new to these personality stuff - I figured enough that I'm a 5 wing 6 on an Enneargram test but I'm not sure on my MBTI type. As you can see my profile states INTP - except I'm not precisely sure on this so I'm requesting help from those far more experienced than me on this.

    Some points you may wish to know.

    1) I've figured that I'm a I, I really hate parties and overcrowded situations and the idea of a public life horrifies me.
    2) I enjoy philosophical debates tremendously - from the shortcomings of Communist and Capitalist economical theories to the Multiverse and Big Bounce theories - I'm willing to debate any theory at all even if it has no practical use.
    3) I love history and science. I believe that if we are to advance as a human species we must not be oblivious to our past mistakes.
    4) I tend to daydream a lot and do not consider to have many "friends" - acquaintances maybe.
    5) I'm seriously lazy - there is no point in me denying that so I reckon I should be a P but I actually want to be organized and want to keep lists and plans - I just never get around to doing that
    6) I tend to be practical in making my decisions and I usually nit-pick on the facts when I get the meaning of the big picture

    I'm definitely not a F person though I sometimes can predict what people are are gonna say before they say it.

    So guys, am I an INTP or something completley different?

    Edit: Oh yeah if you want any more info please feel free to ask (but getting an answer may not happen, in which I'll say so )
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    After considering it, INTP sounds good. There are things in there that conflict with most of your other possibilities, and all of the things listed are quite INTP.
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    SEE Fi


    You sound pretty INTP, the lack of Fi would indicate that you weren't INFP, and your Se isn't very good either so ISTP and ISFP are ruled out. You're pretty INTP my friend.
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